And especially George Carlin!

Welcome to the home of the Non-Voter!
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Thank you for considering the most important political question this year.
My best recommendation is a purchase of Dissenting Electorate edited by Carl Watner with Wendy McElroy
It is a collection of essays and even a cartoon!

Principled non-voting is one of the most responsible acts a free individual can perform.  Voting is a violent act.  It supports government which is the monopolization and unjust authorization of the use of force.  Please do your part this year and stay away from the polls.  Thank you.

Or if you would like to download it for Windows Media Player, click here.

Even Dave Chapelle agrees!

Written by the editor of the aforementioned book with additional links:

“The Superiority of Moral over Political Power” by Adin Ballou:


“Social Statics” by Herbert Spencer, Part 3 Chapter 19 “The Right to Ignore the State”:

Complete text of "Social Statics" 

Many works of Lysander Spooner, “the Godfather of the principled Non-Voter”:

See especially:

“No Treason” by Lysander Spooner, Section 2:

“Against Woman Suffrage” by Lysander Spooner:


“Voluntary Socialism” by Francis Tandy, Chapter 13 “Methods”:


“Out of Step” by Frank Chodorov, Chapter 4 “On Underwriting Evil”(pdf):


“Abstain from Beans” by Robert LeFevre

"The Miracle of Voting" by Russell Madden

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